Translating your communication into revenue.

A quality translation can drastically grow your business.

You might be missing out on a large number of clients from abroad just because your multilingual communication is not up to standard... or even non-existent. With LBB Translations that will be a thing of the past.

Globalization is ever present and the need for international business continues on the rise, so the ability to communicate in a wide range of languages offers you a head start over your competitors. We will stimulate your business' growth through effective multilingual communication, offering solid building blocks such as translation, proofreading, copywriting and transcription. Just contact us, let us take your business from local to global and get your content translated into revenue.


LBB Translations offers top quality translation services that will sharply increase the competitiveness of your businesses. Our broad, native translation team will take your communication and translate it to the language of your primary target markets, opening up a wide array of new business opportunities.

If you want to discover how we can stimulate your business through translation, feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting.

Urgent translation

We recognize that doing business requires tackling many urgent issues in a short time span. That is why we offer urgent translations as a specialty. You might have a document that needs translation at once, or a crucial mail to a customer abroad that needs to be sent urgently … LBB Translations will assist you in all those and many more cases, providing you with a quality translation in a very short turnaround time.

Correct and efficient communication will reinforce your relationship with your clients and at LBB Translations we take pride in being able to assist you with this.


A decisive business meeting, but no-one to take notes? A management discussion you want to reexamine word for word? Being successful in business often depends on details, and a precise transcription will get you those details...

This is where LBB Translations can step in professionally. We will take your audio documents, flash files, embedded streams, and video clips and write them out by the letter. If needed we can also convert them into any language you need.


Unclear and inadequate communication reflects badly on your company. To prevent that from happening a thorough proofreading is an efficient tool. At LBB Translations we will proofread your material (original texts, translated texts etc.) to ensure a high quality language output, helping you to project a positive image towards your clients.

Feel free to write us a mail or call us if you want any additional information on the subject of proofreading. We will be happy to assist.


An inspiring idea can be extremely powerful if it is managed correctly. The question is: "Do you get your idea across in a compelling way?" and "Is your message captivating the intended audience?" If the answer to those questions is "no", you are losing business every minute.

LBB Translations can mold your ideas and align them with the values and needs of your clients. We will give your communication a game changing twist in order to really speak to you clients.

Contact us for more information on how to draw in new clients and potentials and get them to believe in your story.


Do you have a crucial face-to-face meeting or teleconference with an international potential or client? Then speaking the same language is imperative if you want to negotiate as equals. But what if you don't speak the client's language?

LBB Translations will provide the perfect interpreter. Someone who can fluently express your ideas in the language of the client and accurately relay what the client is responding. This way you prove your willingness to communicate and do business with the client, and you can fully grasp the customers' wishes and point of view.

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