Neuro-linguistic Programming

...a powerful concept and communication tool.

Now used throughout the world in personal development, education, coaching and in many other aspects of commercial life. Many global corporations use NLP every day within fields such as sales operations, executive decision making, communication and business influence.

Why is NLP beneficial for businesses?

Here at LB Business we pride ourselves on high-end, globally certified and experienced NLP trainers and coaches.

TRAINING PROGRAMMES (HCC – Human Communication Centre)

Our training academies are prepared and given by Human Communication Centre.

HCC is a UK based international centre for coaching, personal and professional development. With skilled and licensed coaches they deliver high quality trainings with great results.


NLP Business coaching

  • Improve your communication with others
  • Helping start-ups
  • Be more time and cost effective
  • Increased project completion
  • Achieving company goals
  • Manage stress

NLP Individual coaching

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Better goal setting
  • More balanced life
  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved quality of life

Both types of coaching are available in:

3 month coaching packages:
1.5 hours intake session, 9 sessions of 30 min weekly coaching sessions and a 45 min completion call.

Yearly package:
12 sessions of 30 min coaching to be used at your convenience within a year.

For more information about our NLP training programs and coaching packages feel free to contact us.

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