Language and Skills training.

LB Business can equip your workforce with the tools to reach all corners of the globe.

Your reach is only as far as you are willing to invest in communication.
Let LB Business increase your employees' skills and productivity leading to a more efficient and profitable business for you.

With our professional and certified staff we aim to make learning as effective as possible.
A combination of modern teaching methods and learning techniques enable us to offer high quality training with great results.

Business language and communication training

LB Business provides an extensive list of unique and tailor made language and skills training programmes which aim to bring exceptional results to our clients. For more information about customising and combining different language and communication programmes feel free to contact us.

  • General Business Language Course
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Business Telephone Communication
  • Internal Communication
  • Business Correspondence
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relaying Information

Online learning and/or tutoring

If you want to combine further learning programs outside the classroom, LB Business offers you a perfect mixture of self-study material, communication skills training and NLP coaching.

With this perfect combination you will get a self-paced learning plan with engaging topics, virtual classroom solutions and continuing support from our professional team.

Preparation for international exams

Here at LB Business we have vast experience preparing business clients for various types of international examinations such as: FCE (first), CAE (Advanced) and Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC).

In-service training

We offer special in-service training for educational institutions, consisting of short-term or long-term courses, depending on your goals.

LB Business prepare teachers and in-house trainers to exceptionally high standards allowing them to improve their English level and be able to accurately relay acquired knowledge.

By tailoring the classes for the clients’ needs and using modern teaching methods we strive to fulfil all expectations and goals.

Level testing

The LB Business team is highly skilled in assessing English proficiency.

We offer support by evaluating your staff’s English proficiency and we help with level testing when you are hiring new personnel.

Our profound level testing includes results for each type of language skill (listening, speaking, writing and grammar knowledge) as well as complete reports, feedback and action plans for the overall improvement of your staff's English proficiency.


LB Business gives you the opportunity to collaborate with us through the tripartita scheme.

See how your business can benefit from the tripartita scheme here.

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