Hidden Love: Why some fossil fuel companies support climate regulations


Whether it’s a piglet and a tiger cub or a technologically challenged grandma and a savvy millennial people like odd friendships. They are intrigued by the idea that two very different things can coexist so well. However, despite the popularity of the phenomenon there is little buzz about an odd friendship that has the potential […]

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Esperanto: The Universal Language?


The world is fragmented, broken down into thousands of languages making communication between me, you and Timbuktu exhausting if even possible. The inconvenience of lingual barriers has been recognized for almost as long as languages have been separating people, indeed the old testament asserts that these barriers are a divine punishment.  Today, lingual divisions continue […]

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Blockchain: The Language of the future


Cryptographically secured ‘blocks’ of data were initially described by researchers in the early 90s. These blocks served as a modification-resistant container for data, creating a more secure space to save delicate information. This technology slowly developed from an occult cryptographic method into one of the principal revolutionaries of modern computer sciences. In 2008 the mysterious […]

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Why you need to localize your advertisements

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The localization of advertisements is critical to the efficacy of any international marketing campaign.  Some may be asking; what is localization with regards to advertising? Localization can be defined in layman’s terms as the process of personalizing a marketing campaign for its targeted population; especially relative geo-cultural particularities. More specifically, it is the process of […]

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Newfangled Live Translation Devices: What’s the Word


The future is finally upon us! Last year the internet exploded with excitement when Waverly Labs released an Indiegogo campaign for their project: a device which could supposedly translate language in real-time through discrete earbuds.  Many fawned over the new technological marvel, praising it as the earthly equivalent of the legendary Babel Fish from The […]

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