Total Immersion, The Only Solution

Learning a new language is very difficult, we all know it. Learning a language can be done in many ways, none really change this fact. Most of us have the good fortune to be able to find classes or tutors to assist us in this struggle, but this is not a total solution. Intensive classes instead of regular classes also end up being tremendously boring, and a massive time consumer.

Besides the tedious work required to participate in either of these traditional solutions; they´re incredibly frustrating for anyone who dares attempt them. Given these facts, how on earth does anybody become fluid in another language, much less bilingual?

However there is a secret to overcoming these tremendous challenges. Although classes and some sort of traditional formation is a complete necessity to learning any language; total immersion is the only real solution.

The only individuals who genuinely become bilingual are those who have thrown themselves into a foreign environment and it was either learn or starve. Bilingual are the best, and safest example of this tactic. Children born into bilingual families are simply forced to learn both languages. At such an early age, communication (and more important the learning of communication) is so innate to human nature that not learning both languages would be truly strange. Children have the benefit of having a very safe environment to be forced into a new language, but at that age their brain is much more absorbent and malleable given new information; one which gives them a notable advantage in learning through repetitive experiences (like language for example!).

Adults like us on the other hand don’t have that malleability unfortunately. We will always have to suffer and listen attentively to funny looking people making their funny sounds. Even so, we can still learn the same way these children are… total immersion.

Between the state and private companies one can find many programs which will take you abroad to learn a language and perform menial labor. In Europe, the Erasmus program is very popular; allowing university students to study abroad at foreign universities. Beyond these fancy programs and state run work programs; you can always just use the ol´ Google machine to blaze your own trail and figure it out yourself.

Immersion is the only real way to learn a langue. Through immersion, one can skip over the most tedious parts of learning any language; all of that gibberish that has to do with memorization, reading out loud, or anything else you hated about your 8th grade Spanish class. With the help of some supplemental classes you´ll learn how to speak, and like a local, quickly. So in summation… Why haven’t you left the country yet?

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