The Importance of Language in Work Relationships

Learning a new language: The Economic Incentive

Tons of people speak English, more speak Chinese, and a dozen or so must be able to communicate telepathically. Those dozen are the lucky ones, the rest of us are just forced to make silly little sounds and ridiculous hand gestures.

Between all of these sounds and intricate hand movements there are patterns, these patterns we categorize into languages. Although it sounds simple, with the incredibly diverse community of languages which can be found on planet earth, it gets complicated quickly.

One might ask, why and how did our means of communication become so diverse? Well, that question deserves a tremendously complex and intricate response; one which you will not find on this post.

Learning and adapting to these languages should be a fundamental task for every human being; as to expose themselves to different cultures and thoughts. However romantic that task may sound (to some), many people require still more incentive to embark on such an extraordinary mission as learning a new language.

For these people my response is math, cold hard numbers. Math is the language of logic according to many great thinkers, and certainly poses certain persuasive capabilities.

Beyond the cold hard cash bonus that bilingualism can bring to an individual; there is also a certain degree of job security one receives. Perhaps job security in this context is a misnomer; more like a competitive advantage. Multilingual individuals are more valued in many corporate positions, much less in service industry positions wherein clients arrive speaking a multitude of locally present languages.

Beyond these direct benefits to one’s economic status, studies are beginning to show health benefits of multilingualism as well. Many claims are arising pointing towards a boosted IQ and an increased ability to multitask. And in combination to these perceptive benefits of multilingualism, it also appears to stave off some forms of age-induced mental illness.

The only question left lies in defining maximum s. How much can learning many different languages really help me? Well studies would seem to indicate a decreased `boost` after the assimilation of every language, however the stimulation is still there. And anecdotally evidence would also point towards people who speak tons of languages being super smart.

There are however nay-sayers; and being the just and honourable blogger that I am I will present the counter evidence. A small community of individuals believe that learning new languages simply clutters the mind and occupies one´s intellectual space. These smug monolinguals don´t really buy into the whole understanding new cultures or communicating to new people thing.

Well; here before you lies the evidence. An astounding amount of support in the favour of there being an intrinsic economic benefit to multilingualism. And in the other corner a small group of Anglo-supremacists screaming into an echo chamber. Whose team will you be on?

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