The one unexpected app which will revolutionise your business

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard about it. At work, on the train, on Facebook or through a friend; everybody is talking about meditation. It seems like, over the last few years, the ancient practice of meditation has permanently embedded itself into our society/culture. Like yoga, it’s here to stay.

Even more than likely is that somebody you know has become meditation’s biggest devotee. Perhaps your partner won’t stop talking about it? Maybe you think it isn’t for you, that you’re too busy or just plain unconvinced. I was exactly the same. At least, that is, until I started using Headspace.

But let’s be clear, Headspace is not another wishy washy app that’s all style over substance. Headspace is an uncomplicated tool which teaches you the key principles of visualisation and breathing associated with secular meditation.

Created in 2010, the app currently registers at almost nine million active users. How will this help your business? By helping you be the most in control and composed version of yourself. Making sure that you’re the best you is the best thing for your business. A car is only as good as the man behind the wheel.

In business, a clear head is everything. This is where the name ‘Headspace’ comes from. What meditation does is that it helps you to have more control over the millions of different thoughts going in and out of your head every day. For the vast majority of people, these thoughts are simply too much. They become unmanageable.

Headspace helps you to organise and examine these thoughts on an individual basis. You develop a dramatically increased awareness of the relationship between your thoughts and emotions, and this is fundamental in making sure that you aren’t overwhelmed.

It’s an app used by Wall Streeters, Hedge fund managers, and Olympic athletes. Amongst its most prestigious users are Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson. For these two heavyweights, Headspace has become a central part of their daily ritual.

Founded by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson, the idea was conceived when Puddicombe returned to England after spending ten years training as a Tibetan monk. Headspace is a non-religious recreation of the principles and exercises that he learned during this decade-long journey.

On downloading the app onto your device, you will receive a free 30-day Foundation Pack which introduces you to the basic points of meditation. After this initial period the annual cost goes up to $96. However, when you consider how much you get out of this as a daily user, the monthly cost of $8 looks remarkably cheap.

Business in 2016 is a constantly changing environment. What appears radical now often seems outdated only months later. What’s certain is that you need to keep on your toes. Problem solving is key. Headspace helps you to be calm and composed in the moment. This allows you to react intelligently to the situations or problems you find yourself facing in everyday business.

By staying in control of your emotions and managing your thoughts, you’ll be able to overcome anxiety in the pivotal moments when it really counts. Headspace is an app that will revolutionise your business.


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