We are LB Business.

A language training, NLP, and translation services company.

LB Business is a global language services company based in Madrid. We pride ourselves on building bridges across continents and between countries, by facilitating interesting and engaging training along with education for our clients. At the same time, we offer translation services for any requirement/need. LB Business' staff are highly qualified and experienced in working with many corporate enterprises throughout the world.

Evolve and adapt

Our experience with language training enables us to tailor-make your company's education, by providing detailed lesson plans with both short- and long-term goals and targets.

At LB Business we strongly believe in constant improvement in all aspects of business. We welcome any feedback from our clients which can help improve our services or the experience. Feel free to contact us here.

Contact info

Calle Gran Vía, 57, 10 J
28013, Madrid

Phone: 634 691 105
Web: www.lb-business.com